The History of Leith

November 9, 2011

South Leith History-1560/1565

1560.—”Upon the 20th April the principal
blockhouse of Leith, called St Anthonys kirk,
was battered down, and also the high kirk
where the vivers lay.”
1560, July 16.—The siege being ended by
a Treaty of Peace the English Army departed.
A public thanksgiving was ordained, and Mr
David Lindsay preached in Leith.
1560, July IQth.—The Reformation being
accomplished, David Lindsay was appointed
first Protestant Minister of Leith. He WAS an
intimate friend of John Knox. His name
occurs in 50 Assemblies, in six of which he was
chosen Moderator. In 1600 he became Bishop
of Ross, with a seat in Parliament, and in 1610
he was consecrated in the church. He was also
one of the Commissioners for the Union of
Scotland and England in 1603.
“The gown was na sooner aff and the
Bible out of hand fra the kirk, when on ged
the corslet and fangit was the hagbot and to
the fields.”
1560, Deer. 20th.— The first General Assembly
of the Reformed Kirk of Scotland
was held in Edinburgh on this date. David
Lindsay, Minister, Andrew Lamb, and Patrick
Boyman were the representatives from Leith.
In this Assembly “It was found reasonable
and expedient that the parochiners of
Restalrig sould repaire to the kirk of Leith,
and that the kirk of Restalrig sould be razed
and utterlie destroyed as a monument of
1562, January 24.—Stipend to Mr David
Lindesay £200 scots; to John Moresoun,
reader, £20 scots.
1565.—The Tolbooth was erected in Leith
by order of Mary, Queen of Scots. Her arms,
originally built therein, are now within the
Tower of South Leith Church.

source-South Leith Records

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