The History of Leith

November 8, 2011

The Solemn League and Covenant

Oat.19,1643.—The said dayitwasmentionat in the sessioun that yr sould be a fast upo ye nixt Lord’s day befoir ye subscriveing of ye covenant betwix ye three kingdoms, Scotland, Ingland and Ireland and all to sweir to ye said covenant. The tymes appoyntit for subscriveing of ye said covenant vizi,:—For the toune of Leith, upo Twisday efter sermon, ye 24th; Thursday efter sermon ye 26th; and
upo Fryday efter ye morning prayers ye 27 dayes of October 1643 — Rastelrig upo ye Lords day efter noon, ye 29th of Octo.
(Note.—The reference is to the Solemn League and Covenant, which is so famous an event in Scottish history.)
22 of October 1643.—The sd day being the Lords day yr was a solemne fast befor ye subscriving of the covenant of ye 3 Kingdoms Scot Land Ingland and Irland, the said covenant being read be ye minister Mr Ja. Sharp ye said day and all within ye church both pastors and people (at comand of ye minister) stood up upo yr feet and yr solemnlie with lifted up hands did sweir unto ye said covenant; and ye dyats prescreived for subscriveing yrof as is forsaid was intimat unto ye people.
(Note.—The service on this Lord’s Day was one of the historic events connected with our Church. Of
all our minutes this is the one we value most highly.)

source-The South leith Records

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