The History of Leith

November 7, 2011

The restoration of Charles II

24 Maie 1661.—The Presbyterie of Edr. being sensible of the great mercie of God in the wonderfull restoration of our King to the throne of his three kingdomes as they have alredie manifestit the trueth heirof by their cordial observation of two solemne dayes so that they may further testifie their real joy and sincere thankfulness to God for so good a cause and to give evidence that the religion profest in this Kirk to wch there souls cleaved as founded on Gods word doth teach ym loyaltie and to rejoyce in his majesties happiness and prosperitie Theydoe resolve abstracting from all uyr grounds and considerations singlie to sett about the substance of the dutie and to tak hold for the tym of the occasione of the 29 of May 1661(the day appoyntit by the parliament for publick
thanksgiving) to spend the fornoon of the day in publick worship and praising of God for his great and singular mercie of the Kings Restoratione to his dominiones and pray that he may long and happilie Regne over us. Intimaone heirof was maid upon the Lords day the 26 of Maii 1661.
(Note.—There was great rejoicing in Scotland at the restoration of Charles II to the throne of his fathers.)

source-South Leith Records

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