The History of Leith

November 6, 2011

The Battle of Bothwell Bridge

Here are some details of the Battle of Bothwell Bridge and its aftermath, abridged from Alexander Smellie’s “Men of the Covenant” published nearly a hundred years ago. This engagement between Government and Covenanting forces took place in the aftermath of the murder of Archbishop Sharp on Magus Moor in Fife on 3rd May 1679. Following a show of strength by the Covenanters (including two of the Fife assassins) in the streets of Rutherglen on 29th May, Government forces under John Graham of Claverhouse pursued them to their Sunday worship near Loudoun Hill, west of Strathaven, only to be unexpectedly defeated at Drumclog. The Covenanters had advanced singing the seventy-sixth psalm. for more click here

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