The History of Leith

November 6, 2011

Putting down the rising of the Covenanters

27 March 1679. — The beadell was ordained to keep fast ye porch door of ye entry to ye churchyard at all tymes yt ye churchyard may not be abused by boys or others ; and John Brown’s door entering yrto is to be blocked up with a pad lock.
(Note. — As matters of history it may be interesting to recall that on 3rd May 1679 Archbishop Sharp was murdered on Magus Moor ; and when the news of Olaverhouse’s defeat at Drumolog reached Edinburgh, the walls of the Castle were strengthened by Robert Mylne, the royal “Master Maison.” On 9th June the trained bands of Edinburgh and Leith were instructed to be in readiness at ‘ ‘ first tuck of drum ” to march to Leith Links, where, on the 13th June, to the number of 4-000, they took the oath of allegiance. This was in preparation for putting down the rising of the Covenanters, and the battle of Bothwell Brig followed on 22nd June 1679. The account for horses and carts pressed into the King’s service at this battle shows that the Incorporation of Carters in Leith was put under requisition for a large number, and some were also taken from tne ‘ ‘ poor breuars, both in toun, Leith and the shire.”)

source-The South leith Records

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