The History of Leith

November 4, 2011

The Committee on King James’s Hospital

31 Octr. 1820.—The Session being met and constituted, Dr. Robertson Moderator, the Committee on King James’s Hospital produced the following Report The Report being read and considered by the meeting the same was approven of and in terms of the recommendation therein contained the Session directed the Clerk to transmit a copy of it for the perusal of the Corporations accompanied
with a letter by him to Mr Ross the Dft of which was also read to and approven of by the Session.
(Note.—The report referred to covers forty pages of the Begister and gives a history of the hospital which is too elaborate to be printed here. It was intended to set out the rights of the Session and of the incorporation in the old building which like the church was now in a state of decay and ultimately in 1824 was demolished, its site being added to the churchyard. The frontage of the hospital is indicated by the high wall in the Kirkgate and the ground attached to it extended to the tombs which now project into the churchyard from the back of Laurie Street. It is not intended to print the lengthy negotiations which led up to the sale of the hospital. At this time there were in the town some zealous antiquarians who expended much labour in preparing interminable
reports dealing with the church and the hospital. These have a certain historical value but are too voluminous for reproduction, and much of the matter they contain has already been given in these records.)

Source-South Leith Records

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