The History of Leith

November 4, 2011

Jas. Williamson Esqr and the Churchyard

3 Decr. 1839.—The Committee appointed at last Meeting to consider the letter of Messrs. Hope Bruce & Coy., reported, that there was nothing in it at variance with the terms of the Conveyance of the Ground to the Kirk-Session. It was agreed that the Conditions should be allowed. The letter is as follows :

Having agreed with Jas. Williamson Esqr.,late of Customs, residing in Charlotte Street, Leith for the sale at the price of £80 of the Tomb No. 8 of the New Tombs lately erected by us on the ground conveyed by us to the Kirk-Session of South Leith and now making part of the Churchyard of the said parish; we request, that you will make it over to him in the usual manner ;—but under the Condition, that in the event of our, at any future period, with the concurrence of the Session, converting the rest of the property belonging to us to the East of and betwixt, the said New Burying
Ground and Constitution Street into additional Tombs or Burying Ground, we shall have full liberty to take down the present Eastern division Wall, as far as we may,-think necessary and to open an Access or Communication therefrom to the additional Ground we may convert or appropriate, we being bound, in such an event, to construct a wall of equal height &
dimensions with the present Eastern Division Wall, & otherwise enclose the Grounds as completely as they are at present before taking down the Boundary Wall. We are, Gentlemen,
Your Obedt. Servts,
(Signed) Hope, Bruce & Coy.
The Session in consideration of the foregoing letter from Messrs. Hope, Bruce & Coy., and of the price stipulated therein having been paid, hereby grant and make over the said Tomb being Number Eight of the Tombs erected on the Ground acquired by the Session from Messrs. Hope Bruce & Coy. to and in favour of Jas. Williamson Esqr. Leith, his heirs & assignees for ever, but expressly under the following conditions and Stipulations :
(Note.—Mr Williamson’s house in Charlotte Street at a later date became part of the Town Hall premises. His grandson, Dr. Maxwell Williamson, is also buried in this area.)

source-South Leith Records

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