The History of Leith

November 3, 2011

Reik penny

16 June 1659.—It is ordained that a letter be sent to the Lord Balmerinoch Sir Hary Neisbet and William Purves Heritors of the Barony of Restalrig to the effect that may pay yr fyft part for poynting of the Kirk vizt:— 48 libs Scots. The which day it was thought expedient and ordered by the Sessione that every Incorporation shall meitt particularlie among themselves and to consider upo ane annuetie or reik penny for paymentx>f the Ministers Stipend and to report the next dyat.
(Note.—The “reik penny” was a tax paid to the minister by every house, or chimney, in the parish. This seems to refer to the stipend of the second minister.)

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