The History of Leith

November 1, 2011

David Lindsay (bishop of Ross)

Lindsay was the son of Robert Lindsay of Kirkton, brother of David, ninth Earl of Crawford. He was said to have been a student of the university of St Andrews, though his name does not appear as such in any of the university records.He appears to have been an associate of John Knox in Geneva.

During travels in France and Switzerland Lindsay imbibed Reformation principles, and he was one of the twelve original ministers nominated in July 1560 to the “chief places in Scotland”, the town assigned him being Leith. He was present in December following at the first meeting of the general assembly of the kirk, and thenceforth was one of its recognised leaders. He was moderator of the assembly which met in February 1568, and subsequently held the same office on five different occasions. He visited Knox on his deathbed in 1572, and at Knox’s request, though “he thought the message hard”, went to the castle of Edinburgh to warn William Kirkcaldy of Grange that unless he gave it up he “should be brought down over the walls of it with shame and hang against the sun. for more click here

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