The History of Leith

October 31, 2011

The four callings

13th Januarii 1609.—It is ordained be the Sessione that all the wry tea belonging to the Sessioune and Kirk of Leith as weill obligatones as Infeftments sail be put in ane box togither with ane Inventor of the saids wrytes And this boxe to have four keyes to be put in the four callings hands And the boxe to be keiped be sic ane man as Mr Johne Murray a»id the Sessiounne shall agrie upon provyding that he that keipa the boxe shall give an inventor subscryvit wt his awin hand of the haill richts conteiiiit in the same.
(Note.—The four callings were the four incorporations of the town, viz., mariners, maltmen, traffickers, and crafts or tradesmen. These included all the inhabitants. Mr Murray was minister of the second charge.)

source-The South Leith Records

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