The History of Leith

October 27, 2011

An examination of the whole congregation-South Leith Church 1642

Febr 3, 1642.—The quhilk day ye sessione being conveined and after incaling on ye name of god the sessione was appoynted be ye ministers to tak up ye names of all ye people and produce ym to ye table the nixt sessione day that they micht goe on in ye examination for preparaone to ye comunione.
(Note.—Before each Communion there were two preliminaries, viz., an examination of the whole congregation and a preparation sermon on the Saturday. Every one was required to know the creed and commandments, whether he was communicating for the first or the fiftieth time, and those who were found ignorant were debarred from the Table along with any guilty of scandal or offence. These examinations were abandoned when Fast Days came to be introduced.)

source-The South Leith Records

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