The History of Leith

October 26, 2011

Repairs to South Leith

21st October 1800.- -Having taken into consideration the object for which the meeting was called Resolved unanimously that a partial repair of the Roof of the Church is at present necessary but upon considering the manner in which the expence was to be defrayed the meeting differed considerably and upon the whole it appeared to them that there was no fixed rule for assessing the different parties having interest with the expence as on account of some particular circumstances in the constitution of the Church the ordinary Rules did not apply. It was therefore moved by Mr Duncan that in order to defray the expence of the repairs presently necessary as well as to establish a fixed Rule for assessing the different parties interested in the Church in all time coming a Reference should be entered into, to some disinterested person to establish such a Rule. The above Motion was agreed to by all present, except the Master of the Incorporation of Maltmen who had no powers but is to submit the Motion to his constituents and report their Resolution to the Session between and Friday next and Mr Duncan and Mr Frazer are to apply to the Earl of Moray’s Agent for his concurrence.
(Note.—At the end of the century the church was in such a condition that it could not be made safe by ordinary repairs. In 1836 the steeple began to fall away from the perpendicular-‘and had to be taken down, and twelve years later the roof and the whole interior were removed, leaving only the walla and pillars of the original structure. This Minute indicates that questions were arising as to the liabilities of the Session, the incorporations and the heritors, and these developed into disputes and litigations which were not finally adjusted until 1846 when an Act of Parliament was obtained providing for the repair of the church and other matters.)

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