The History of Leith

October 25, 2011

The Lauder family & Robert The Bruce

In an essay by Alexander Grant entitled Extinction of Direct Male Lines he states that the Lauders were one of only 31% of the great families of the time of Robert the Bruce who survived in the direct male line beyond 1500. Grant also says: “It has been pointed out that the Declaration of Arbroath does not give a complete roll-call of the leading barons of Robert 1st’s regime. Professor Barrow has referred to ‘the omission of men such as Andrew Murray of Bothwell, Robert Lauder [of The Bass] and Robert Menzies [of Weem]’”. The family of Lauder are recorded as “prominent from 1320” and amongst those “below the rank of earl who have been considered as belonging to the Scottish higher nobility between 1325 and 1349.” (Essays on the Nobility of Medieval Scotland edited by K.J.Stringer, Edinburgh, 1985, pps: 214, 225, and 229; citing Barrow’s Robert Bruce, London, 1965, p.430). for more click here

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