The History of Leith

October 6, 2011

Free Fishermen’s Society-1922

An important institution of Newhaven that was wont to bring itself more frequently into public notice than it does now is the Free Fishermen’s Society, which is said to date from 1572. The annual election of the boxmaster of this society, until a very few years ago, gave Newhaven its annual gala night, when a great torchlight procession was formed for the ” lifting of the box ” and its conveyance to the house of the new boxmaster for the year. This event was followed by a supper noted for its flowing bowl. In more temperate days this supper became a soiree, when the Rev. Dr.
Kilpatrick usually occupied the chair, and on these occasions was generally in his best story-telling form.
The soiree, like the supper, is now among the things that were. The Society, for the nominal rent of ten shillings per annum, has perpetual lease from the Government of the Free Fishermen’s Park, which is all that remains of the once extensive Newhaven Links.

source-The Story of leith

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