The History of Leith

September 26, 2011

Severus in Scotland

In the year 180 the hated Romans were driven south of the Cheviots. Yet Leith had not seen the last of the Roman legions, for in the year 208 the great soldier emperor, Severus, set sail from York for the Forth with a mighty fleet to punish the wild Caledonians for their raids beyond Hadrian’s Wall. We can imagine the excitement and alarm when the great armada was seen heading up the Forth. Severus landed his troops at Cramond, which became his headquarters during his three years’ stay in Scotland; and there, as at Inveresk, you may see stones showing Roman handiwork and an eagle that some Roman soldier with an artistic eye has carved on the Eagle Rock by the shore. Severus was to find, as Edward I. centuries later, that to win victories is not to conquer a country, and, when he sailed from Cramond on his return to York, the Roman capital of Britain, the shores of the Forth saw the Roman legions for the last time.

Source-The Story of Leith

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