The History of Leith

September 23, 2011

The first references to the plague in leith 1645

3 Aprill 1645.—The poor .of King James Hospital complanit upo ye maisters yrof narnelie Francis Wilke Alexr Browne and Ro Murro becaus yei gat not sustenance to susteen yem, it being yrof demandit at Francis qt was ye reasons hairof he ansered becaus he could not gait ye rent yrof in from yem who are awand (i.e. owing) to ye said hospital.
(Note. —The number of paupers entertained in the Hospital was probably ten or twelve. Each of them had an apartment with fire, candle, and a weekly pension. The name “Hospital of St. Anthony” occurs in a Minute as late as 1793.)
Desyrs Jon Aldinstone to furnishe (i.e. give provisions to) ye woman at ye yarde heads who is steekit up for feare of ye plagve. Desyrs Jon Kellas to furnish James Thomsone and Jon Dinlop till this day 8 dayes being inclosit for feare of ye plague.
(Note.—These are the first references to the plague.)

Source-South Leith Records

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