The History of Leith

September 12, 2011

Two silver Basons . . . wt Two silver Coupes

Oct. 12, 1638.—The said Day thair was presented And Delivered to or Sesaione Two silver Basons . . . wt Two silver Coupes . . . The qlk Basons And Coxips or sessione appoynted to be made be the Leard of pilrig, And in payment thairof or sessione caused that the gowld coupe and gowld Trinchar that was given be richt honerabill Generall Ruthven to or church for or communione as also or sessione directed ane other silver piece to be sold to him in payment. The qlk silver piece was Laft to or church be Wm. Balfour in his ler will. The foresaid Basens is appoynted to be keeped in or Chairtour Chist for the Service of or communione of the bodie and blood of Jesus Chryst.
(Note.—These two silver basins are still possessed by the church. They are engraved on the rim thus : “DEO AND ECCLESIAE LETHENSI AVSTEALI DI PA RUTHVEN EQCITVM TBIBVNVS ME D. D. 1638″ : andon the inner circle thus—” LONGIORI trsu ATTBITUM ET LACERATUM INSTAURARI ET E PURIORI ARGENTO DBNtTO CONPLARI CURAVIT DICTAE ECCLESIAE CONSISTOHirjM
ANNO DOMI 1718.” The latter inscription indicates that they were repaired in 1718.)

Source-South Leith Records

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