The History of Leith

September 8, 2011

Reparatione of the new Hospital of Leith

5 Januar 1660.—This day the balies reported that James Seatone Jas. Loicart Skippers Wm Murray Andro Malloch Maltmen Jon. Brotherstoune Alexander Tait, Thomas Wood,Trafecquers John. Young Jon. Gray Traidsmen did meitt upon Saturday last ye 31 December 1659 to consider concerning a way for payment of the Ministers Stipend and they did promise to meitt with yr own incorporationes and to report.
The which day ane Assignation granted be the Sessione to the Masters of the new Hospitall was insert and registrat whairof the tenor followeth.
(Note.—Here follows a very long document giring security to the Hospital for the sum of £50 referred to above, “which sum was allocat and allowed to be payit out of the Thesaurie be the Honourabil Council of Stait for the time to be paid in towards the reparatione of the new Hospital of Leith callit King James his Hospital during the tyni the magasin of the English armie did remaine within the said Hospital.”)

Source-South Leith Records

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