The History of Leith

September 6, 2011

The Leith High School

14 Dec. 1710.—Reported by Thomas Brugh that the Masters of the Trinity House adheared to their former act appointing the rent of the Schooll to be three pound sterling, otherwayes the Session to provide themselves in a schooll, The Session agrees and appoints the hospitall to be repaired for a Schooll and the rent of it to be therty pound Scots yearly and the Masters to repair it and maintain it.
(Note.—This Minute records an important event in the history of the Grammar School. The school had for a long period of time been accommodated in the Trinity House as is mentioned in the Minute of 26th November 1657. It was now transferred to King James’s Hospital in the churchyard, where it met until it was taken to the Links in 1806 to become the Leith High School,now Leith Academy.)

source-South leith Records

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