The History of Leith

September 6, 2011

Riot at South Leith

10 Aug. 1710.—The Clerk informed the Session that he was accidentally att the Baylie Court on Tuesday last and that there was a Libell called at the instance of William Deepie Wright in Leith and some-‘ others against two journeymen and two apprentices for a riot committed by them on Sabath was eight dayes in the Kirk of South Leith in the afternoon in time of Divine worship, and upon the hearing of the said libell he appeared for the Session their interest and desired leave of the Baylie to be heard therupon which was granted, Whereupon he represented that seeing the alledged
riot was committed within the Kirk, The Kirk Session are Superiors thereof, they and the Bayllie of St. Antons in whose jurisdiction the Kirk stands and are the only competent judges of all riots and other malverses committed therein, and therefor earnestly desired the Bayllie to delay the affair till Thursday next that the Session might consider on the affair, which desire the Bayllie seemed to grant, but it being pressed by some of the Members of Court that he should proceed to Judge in the affair, And the Jurnimen and Aprentices and the witnesses for proving the riot being called, The Clerk again earnestly entreated the Bayllie to delay proceeding in it till Thursday next otherways he would be oblidged to doe that which he had no inclination to doe and the
delay being refused, he did in the name of the Session protest that the same might be no wayes prejudicial! to the Session or their Bayllie of St Antons their priviledge as Superiors of the
Church and only Judges competent in that case and not the Bayllie Court of Leith, The Session having heard the above information approved of the Clerk’s procedor therein.

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