The History of Leith

August 25, 2011

The downfall of some great prince;

The aged King Robert III. and his queen, the once beautiful Annabella Drummond,, resided in the Castle and in the Abbey of Holyrood alternately. We are told that on one occasion, when the Duke
of Albany, with several of the courtiers, were conversing one night on the ramparts of the former, a singular light was seen afar ofT at the horizon, and across the starry sky there flashed a bright meteor, carrying behind it a long train of sparks. ” Mark ye, sirs ! ” said Albany, ” yonder prodigy portends either the ruin of a nation or the downfall of some great prince;” and an old chronicler omits not to record that the Duke of Rothesay (who,had he ascended the throne, would have been David III.), perished soon after of famine, in the hands of Ramornie, at Falkland.
Source-Old and New Edinburgh

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