The History of Leith

August 25, 2011

Fire regulations of 1425

As yet no Scottish noble had built a mansion in Edinburgh, where a great number of the houses were actually constructed of wood from the adjacent forest, thatched with straw, and few were more than
two storeys in height; but in the third Parliament of James L, held at Perth in 1425, to avert the conflagrations to which the Edinburghers were so liable, laws were ordained requiring the magistrates to have in readiness seven or eight ladders of twenty feet in length, with three or four large saws, for the common use, and six or more ” cliekes of iron, to draw down timber and ruiffes that are
fired ;” and that no fire-was to be conveyed from one house to another within the town, unless in a covered vessel or lantern.

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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