The History of Leith

August 23, 2011

The contents of the Treasury in the Castra de Edinburgh

On the 11th of June, 1291, the Castle of Edinburgh and all the strongholds in the Lowlands were unwisely and unwarily put into the hands of the crafty Plantagenet by the grasping and numerous claimants, on the ridiculous pretence that the subject in dispute should be placed in the power of the umpire ; and the governors of the various fortresses,on finding that the four nobles who had been appointed guardians of the realm till the dispute was adjusted.had basely abandoned Scotland to her fate, they, too, quietly gave up their trusts to Edward, who (according to Prynne’s”History”)
appointed Sir Radulf Basset de Drayton governor of Edinburgh Castle, with a garrison of English soldiers. According to Holinshed he personally took this Castle after a fifteen days’ siege with his
warlike engines.
On the vigil of St. Bartholomew a list was drawn up of the contents of the Treasury in the Castra de Edinburg; and among other religious regalia we find mentioned the Black Rood of Scotland, which St. Margaret venerated so much. By Edward’s order some of the records were left in the Castle under the care of Basset, but all the most valuable documents were removed to England, where those that showed too clearly the ancient independence of Scotland were carefully destroyed, or tampered with, and others were left to moulder in the Tower of London.

Source-Old and New Edinburgh

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