The History of Leith

August 22, 2011

St Margaret’s Chapel-Edinburgh Castle

The complete restoration of her oratory (says an Edinburgh Courant of 1853) “has been effected in a very satisfactory manner, under the superintendence of Mr. Grant. The modern western entrance has been built up, and an ancient one re-opened at the north-west corner of the nave. Here a new doorway has been built in the same style with the rest of the building. The three small round-headed windows have been filled with stained glass—the light in the south side of the apse representing St. Margaret, the two in the side of the nave showing her husband, King Malcolm Canmore and their son St. David, and the light in the west gable of the nave having a cross and the sacred monogram with this inscription:—Hac cedicula olim Beatea Margaretce Reginiz Scotice, quiz obiit M.XCI1I., ingratce pat rim negligentia lapsa, Victoria Reginiz prognatce auspiciis
restituta, A.D. M.DCCCLIIL”

Source-Old and New Edinburgh

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