The History of Leith

August 20, 2011

The Death of St. Margaret

During the king’s absence at Alnwick, the queen, by the severity of her fastings and vigils, increased a heavy illness under which she laboured. Two days before her death, Prince Edgar, whom some
writers call her brother, and others her son, arrived from the Scottish camp with tidings that Malcolm had been slain, with her son Edward.
” Then,” according to Lord Hailes, who quotes Target’s Life of St. Margaret, ” lifting up her eyes and hands towards heaven, she said, ‘ Praise and blessing be to Thee, Almighty God, that Thou hast
been pleased to make me endure so bitter anguish in the hour of my departure, thereby, as I trust, to purify me in some measure from the corruption of my sins; and Thou, Lord Jesus Christ, who
through the will of the Father, hast enlivened the world by Thy death, oh, deliver me !’ While pronouncing ‘deliver me’ she expired.”
This, according to the Bishop of St. Andrews,Turgot, previously Prior of Durham, was after she had heard mass in the present little oratory, and been borne to the tower on the west side of the
(Castle) rock; and she died holding in her hand a famous relic known as “the black rood of Scotland,” which according to St. ^Elred, ” was a cross an ell long, of pure gold and wonderful workmanship, having
thereon an ivory figure of our Saviour marvellously adorned with gold.” This was on i6th of November, 1093, when

Source-Old and New Edinburgh

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