The History of Leith

August 16, 2011

Traces of the Romans in Edinburgh

When cutting a new road over the Calton Hill, in 1817, a Roman urn was found entire; another (supposed to be Roman), eleven and a half inches in height, was found when digging the foundation of the north pier of the Dean Bridge, that spans a deep ravine, through which the Water of Leith finds its way to the neighbouring port. In 1782 a coin of the Emperor Vespasian was found in a garden of the
Pleasance, and is now in the Museum of Antiquities (now the National Museum of Scotland); and when excavating in St. Ninian’s Row, on the western side of the Calton, in 1815, therer was found a quantity of fine red Samian ware, of the usual embossed character.

Source-Old and New Edinburgh

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