The History of Leith

August 16, 2011

The conquest of the lowlands

It was not until the year 83 that Agricola resolved to penetrate into the districts beyond the Forth, as he dreaded a more united resistance from the Caledonian tribes, who had hitherto been
hostile to each other. Guided by the information of naval officers who had surveyed the coast, his army crossed the Forth at Inchgarvie, and landed at the north ferry, from whence he proceeded to
fight his way towards the Grampians ; but it was not until the year 140 that the Scottish Lowlands were entirely subjected to Roman sway, by Lollius Urbicus, whose legions have left so many roughhewn
votive altars and graven memorials of the VALENS VICTRIX, with devotional dedications

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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