The History of Leith

August 16, 2011


ON the arrival of Agricola’s Roman army in the Lothians, about the year A.D. 80, the Ottadeni appear, according to Chalmers, to have occupied the whole extent of coast from the Tyne to the Firth of Forth, including, that is, a part of Northumberland and Roxburghshire, the whole of theMers’e, and Haddingtonshire. The Gadeni, whose territory lay in the interior country, parallel and contiguous to that of the Ottadeni, had all the land from the Tyne to the south of the Forth; they held, namely, the western parts of .Northumberland, Roxburghshire, the whole of Falkirk, Tweeddale, and much of the Lothians.

Source-Old and New Edinburgh

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