The History of Leith

August 12, 2011

The Hospital lands

2 Feby. 1693.—Reported yt ye Baillie of St. Antons kept a Court at new haven on fryday last according to ye appointment of ye session and yt he had also holden another Court on Munday last in ye Session hous. The session commended his dilligence and approved of his holding Court on yt day. The session appoints a Court upon Munday at nyne a clock in ye morning and ye vassalls of St. Antons to be warned in to pay ye few duties as also ye vassalls of ye hospitall lands.
(Note.—The Registers make frequent references to the Hospital lands. It should be explained that one property, the Holy Blood acre, received its name because its revenues maintained an altar, called by this name, in St. James Chapel, Newhaven.)

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