The History of Leith

August 8, 2011

The Grammar School

26 Now. 1657.—Desyrs or thesarer Georg Lantie to speek with Wm. Robertsone Skipper and to pay him some scool meall (i.e., rent.) that is awand (i.e., owing.) to the masters and mariners for there laich vout (i.e., vault.) wch is the gramer school).
(Note.—The Grammar School had now returned to its old quarters in the Trinity House. Vide Minute 1 November 1655, supra. It may be here stated that the Grammar School continued to meet in the Trinity House (where it appears to have originated about the time of the Reformation) down to 14th December 1710. On that date the Session, unable or unwilling to pay the Trinity House a rent of £3 sterling for the accommodation, appointed King James’s Hospital to be repaired for receiving the school. From the hospital it went in 1806 to the Links to become the Leith High School, now Leith Academy.)

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