The History of Leith

August 8, 2011

Seats and Galleries of South Leith

23 July 1657.—The which day the Weivers and Shoemakers petitioned ye Session to remove the Craigends two laich seats in yr eyll back to the piller and immediatly befor ye Maltmens laich Seat on ye North syd of ye Kirk.
(Note. —The transition from the stage of the open area to that of seats and galleries made much progress at this time, aided no doubt by the long Covenanting services. An English traveller at this time states that the Church of Leith was finer inside than any he had seen out of London, and adds that the women brought creepies to the church, a la Jenny Geddes, sitting in front of the men. The division of the church at this time probably corresponded very much to that shown in the old plan which the Session now possess, which dates back to the beginning of last century. It’shows that the sittings in the east gallery and below were appropriated to the Trinity House; in the west gallery and below to the maltmen. The north aisle, going from west to east, was divided amongst the weavers, shoemakers, Calton incorporation, and hammermen. The south aisle, going from west to east, was occupied by the carters, the merchants, and the various crafts. The lofts above were divided in a somewhat corresponding fashion.)

source-The south leith Records

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