The History of Leith

August 8, 2011

Nisbet of Craigentinny and Dean, and Purves of Abbeyhill

The wh. 10 of Juli 1656.—It was condescendit unanimouslie by the whole session who were pnt that our acceptation of the North Kirke from the honourable Counsell of Estat (for a tym) shall not be prejudicial to our Minister to our south Parish or to the Landward part of the Parioch. This day it is appoynted that Sir Henry Nisbet Portioner of Restalrig shall have the ane half of the two foremost laich seats forenenst the pulpit and William Purves of Abbeyhill the other two to sit in for ymselves and families,
(Note.—Nisbet of Craigentinny and Dean, and Purves of Abbeyhill, were two prominent men at this time.)

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