The History of Leith

August 6, 2011

Quarry Holes

25 Deer. 1735.—Memorial for Mr Thomas Heriot present Dean of Guild of Edinburgh and Treasurer to the Governours of Heriot’s Hospital to the R.R. Ministers of South Leith and remanent members of the Session thereof Sheweth that in all landward parishes of this Nation the Heritors who pay any part of the Ministers stipend, are in use, in the first place to have seats in the Church allocat to them if they live within the parish and if not to the tennents and possessors of their lands, And the parish of South Leith being partly Burgh and partly Landward, and the lands of Over Quarry Holes
belonging to the sd Hospital lying locally within the landward part of the Parish and paying yearly a considerable part of the Ministers stipend And the Session having formerly allotted Seats in the sd Church for other Heritors, as appears by a condescendence of the Acts of Session thereanent, herewith given in, It is expected that the R.R. Ministers and Remaiient Members of the Session of South Leith will please to appoint a seat in the sd Chnrch for the Governours of the sd Hospital and their tennent of the sd Lands^and their successors According to Justice, Sic Subscribitur
Thomas Heriot, Thessr.
(Note.—Nothing followed on this application. Over Quarry Holes was a well-known hamlet and farm situated at the top of Easter Road at the east end of London Road Gardens. It was farmed at this time by John Eddington, a Member of the Session.)

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