The History of Leith

August 6, 2011

Pioardy Place

12 Deer. 1734.—The Session being informed that yesterday an exposed male child judged about 5 or 6 weeks old, about 3 of the clock afternoon was found by several persons both men and women coming from Edinburgh to Leith, lying on the wayside near the place called new picardie within the bounds of the West Kirk Parish; which persons taking up the child carried the same and offered it to the people living in the said new picardie, who refused to receive the same and the said people who took up the child could not understand their language being foreigners, whereupon they brought the
child to Leith. The Session considering that the child was found exposed within the Bounds of the West Kirk Parish Therefore appointed the Beadle to go along with the woman that hath kept the child all night and deliver the same to William Paterson, Gardener at Pilrig and elder of the sd Parish, or to any member of the Session thereof that the sd Session may take course therewith as they see cause.
(Note.—Pioardy Place recals the settlement of New Picardy which was founded about 1673 by Huguenot refugees from France. The foreigners were linen weavers and laid out a mulberry plantation on Multrie’s Hill where the Register House now stands, but the trees refused to mature in the cold climate of Scotland.)

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