The History of Leith

August 2, 2011

The King’s Loft and South Leith

Monday the ’25th Novr. 1661.—The wh day these of the Committee, who were appoynted be the Sessione upon Thursday last to meit concerning the Kings Seat, did meit. This Committee doe condescend that the Kings Seat sould be rebuilt in the sajjie loft qr it was formerlie, and that from piller to piller or as it was befor as shall be thought fitt, and that the Taillyours have their own back seats behind the Kings Seat as they had formerlie according to yr armcient right, but they ware ordained to take out the stone out of the fore side of the pillar qron the Sheirs are hewne and to put it in the backsyd of the said pillar laigh beneath the loft As also they were ordained to tak off the sheirs yat is put on in ye fore face of the loft, and put them up below on the pillar at
the head of their formost laigh seat qrto John Young yr present Deacon and diverse uyrs Tailyours who were present did condescend and aggrie.
(Note. —From this Minute it becomes plain that the King’s Loft stood in the South aisle of the church. Fide Minute 7 April 1642 supra. The tailors had sittings between the second and third pillar counting from the East end of the South aisle. Each in corporation displayed its emblem or coat of arms in front of its sittings. The Shears referred to here as in the front of the tailors’ loft are now preserved in the town museum.)

Source-South Leith Records

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