The History of Leith

July 20, 2011


25 Decr. 1760.—Appoints to have under consideration next Diet a proposal for Session Mort Cloaths and appoints an account of the produce of R. Rigg Burial Place, together with Session Minutes relative to the Funds arising therefrom and disposal thereof to be laid before the Session at said Diet.
(Note.—Compare Minute of 24th January 1695. Mortcloths were a considerable source of revenue to parish churchyards but this appears to be the first mention of the subject in the case of South Leith. No doubt they had been in use here from early times but probably they had been provided by the incorporations of the town who claimed to possess certain rights in connection with the churchyard. The subject is mentioned in the article which deals with South Leith churchyard. R. Bigg means Restalrig.)
Sourh Leith Records

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