The History of Leith

July 16, 2011

The introduction of newspapers

In Scotland a very important advance under the Commonwealth was the introduction of newspapers. Among these were A Diurnal of Passages and Affairs, a Reprint at Leith of a Paper published
at London, commenced in November, 1652; The Mercurius Politicus was issued from the citadel in the following year, with the motto from Horace, Ita vertere seria: Printed at London and Reprinted
at Leith. This journal varied from eight to sixteen quarto pages. A very rare work, entitled ” The Survey of Policys, or a Free Vindication of the Commonwealth of England against Salmasius and other
Royalists, by Peter English,” is supposed by Bishop Russell of Leith, in his “Life of Cromwell,” to have issued from the same press in the citadel in 1653.
source-Old and New Edinburgh

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