The History of Leith

July 8, 2011

Adam Smith and the Incorporations in 1833

Adam White was the first Provost of Leith after the passing of the Burgh Reform Bill in 1833 ; and it is now governed by a chief magistrate, four bailies, ten councillors, a treasurer, town clerk, and two joint assessors. Powers have since then been conferred upon the Provost of Leith as admiral, and the bailies as admirals-depute. There are in the town four principal corporations — the Ship-masters, the Traffickers, the Malt-men, and the Trades. The Traffickers, or Merchant Company, have lost their charter, and are merely a benefit society, without the power of compelling entries; and the Shipmasters, ordinarily called the Trinity House, will be noticed in connection with that institution.

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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