The History of Leith

July 6, 2011

Saint Roch

Saint Roch or Rocco (Arabic: ????? ;Albanian: Shën Rroku; German and Latin: Rochus; Catalan: Roc; Italian: Rocco; French: Roch; Maltese: Rokku; Spanish, Filipino and Portuguese: Roque; Slovak: Roch or Rochus; Slovene: Rok; Croatian: Rok or Roko; Hungarian: Rókus; Greek: ??????); lived c.1348 – 15/16 August 1376/79 (traditionally c.1295 – 16 August 1327[2]), also known as Rock or Rocco in English, and having the dedication St Rollox in Glasgow, was a Christian saint, a confessor whose death is commemorated on 16 August; he is specially invoked against the plague. for more click here

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