The History of Leith

July 5, 2011

Food and Drink in the Past

In 1700 the price of 400 oysters at Leith was only 6s. 8d. Scots, as appears from the Abbey House-book of the Duke of Queensberry, when High Commissioner at Holyrood, quoted in the ” Scottish Register,” Vol. I.; and chocolate seems to have been then known in Scotland, but, as it is only mentioned once or twice, it must have been extremely rare; while tea or coffee are not mentioned
at all, and what was used by the opulent Scots of that period would appear from the morning meal provided on different days, thus :—
“One syde of lamb, and two salmon grilses ;
One quarter of mutton, and two salmon grilses ;
One syde of lamb, four pidgeons ;
One quarter mutton, five chickens ;
One quarter mutton, two rabbits.”

Source-Old and New Edinburgh

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