The History of Leith

June 14, 2011

The Population of Leith-1811

30 June 1811.—The following Account is here given, agreeably to an Act of Parliament, passed in the 51 year of His Majesty King George the third; Intitled.—
” An Act for taking an account of the
” Population of Great Britain, and of
” the Increase or Diminution thereof.”
In the Parish of South Leith, 30 June,
1811. There were
Inhabited Houses 838
Families, occupying these 3798
Houses, building 12
Houses, uninhabited, not Warehouses 60
Families, employed in Agriculture …. 30
Families, heads of, employed in Trade 2153
Famines, of various descriptions …. 1615
Seamen, belonging to the Parish …. 450
Local Militia 119
Individuals, maintained by Agric 135
Individuals, maint. by Trade …. 8736
Individuals, maint. variously …. 7067
Males, including, Seamen and Militia 7149
Females, of all descriptions …. …. 8789
Persons, in toto 15938
John Foggo, Sess. Clk.

source-South Leith Records

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