The History of Leith

June 13, 2011

Rev. William Brown

22 Deer. 1720.—Allows the pawns laid by the deceased Robert Haddin to be given up to his relict, Also John Liddell and Helen Stocks to get up their pawns. The report of the Committee appointed to confer with the Reverend Mr Win. Brown anent his call to Edenr. being called for, the sd Mr Brown being Moderator this day, first declared before the Session That he had a sincere affection for his Reverend Colleague, for all the people of Leith and particularly for the Members of Session and that he lay under very great obligations to them all, But as he had no hand directly nor indirectly in procuring the sd call,
so he was resolved neither to promote nor oppose it, but to submit to the Reverend Presbyterie’s Determination in the matter whither they should continue him in Leith or transport him to Edenr, And then he withdrew, And the Reverend Mr John Shaw having taken the Chair, the Session first caused read the reasons of transportation sent down from Edenr, And then heard the report of the Committee as
(Note.—The pawns lodged by parties at the time of their proclamation were retained for three quarters of a year after marriage. The Rev. William Brown became minister of Lady Yester’s church and later of
Old Greyfriars. His tomb-stone may be seen at the Whyte Melville tomb in Greyfriars churchyard and bears to have been erected by ” Bridget Balfour, his sorrowfull spouse.”)

Source-South Leith Records

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