The History of Leith

June 6, 2011

Real tennis

Real tennis – one of several games sometimes called “the sport of kings” – is the original indoor racquet sport from which the modern game of lawn tennis (usually simply called tennis), is descended. It is also known as court tennis in the United States,[1] formerly royal tennis in Australia,[2] now real tennis, and courte-paume in France (a reference to the older, racquetless game of jeu de paume, the ancestor of modern handball and raquet games; many French real tennis courts are at jeu de paume clubs).

The term “real” was first used by journalists in the middle of the 20th century to distinguish the ancient game from modern “lawn” tennis (even though that sport is seldom contested on lawns these days outside the few social-club-managed estates such as Wimbledon). Real tennis players often call the game “tennis”, while continuing to refer to its more widely played offshoot as “lawn tennis”. for more click here

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