The History of Leith

May 30, 2011

The Arm Bone of St Gile-c1450

An Act of Council commemorates the gratitude ,of the citizens to one who had brought from France a relic of St Giles, and, modernised, it runs thus ;—
” Be it kenned to all men by these present letters, we, the provost, bailies, counselle and communitie of the burgh of Edynburgh, to be bound and obliged to William Prestoune of Gotirton, son and heir to somewhile William Prestoune of Gourton, and to the friends and sirname of them, that for so much that William Prestoune the father, whom God assoile, made diligent labour, by a high and mighty prince, the King of France (Charles VII.), and many other lords of France, for getting the arm-bone of St. Gile, the which bone he freely left to our mother kirk of St. Gile of Edinburgh, without making any condition……

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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