The History of Leith

May 27, 2011

The Ancient Crypt of Restalrig (St Triduna’s Chapel as discribed in 1883)

An ancient crypt, or mausoleum, of large dimensions and octangular in form, stands On the south side of the church. Internally it is constructed with a good groined roof, and some venerable yews cast
their shadow over the soil that has accumulated above it, and in which they have taken root. It is believed to have been erected by Sir Robert Logan, knight of Restalrig, who died in 1439, according
to the obituary of the Preccptory of St. Anthony at Leith, and it has been used as a last resting-place for several of his successors. Some antiquaries, however, have supposed that it was undoubtedly
attached to the college, perhaps as a chapter-house, or as a chapel of St. Triduana, but constructed on the model of St. Margaret’s Well. Among others buried here is “LADY JANEt KER, LADY RESTALRIG,

source-Old and New Edinburgh

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