The History of Leith

May 27, 2011

Husman, the legate of Pope Xystus the Fourth,

In 1477 there arrived “heir in grate pompe,” says Balfour, “Husman, the legate of Pope Xystus the Fourth,” to enforce the sentence of deprivation and imprisonment pronounced by His Holiness upon Patrick Graham, Archbishop of St.Andrews, an eminent and unfortunate dignitary of the Church of Scotland. He was the first who bore that rank, and on making a journey to Rome, returned as legate, and thus gained the displeasure of the king and of the clergy, who dreaded his power. He was shut up in the monastery of Inchcolm, and finally in the castie of Lochleven. Meanwhile,in the following year, William Schivex, a great courtier and favourite of the king, was solemnly consecrated in Holyrood Church by the papal legate, from whose hands he received a pall, the ensign of archtepiscopal dignity, and with great solemnity was proclaimed ” Primate and legate of the realm of Scotland.” His luckless rival died of a broken heart, and was buried in St Serfs Isle, where his remains were recently discovered, buried in a peculiar posture, with the knees drawn up and the hands down by the side.

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