The History of Leith

May 13, 2011

Burial,Incorporations and Pews

The trade incorporations (Trade Guilds) used to bury their dead where their chantry chapels had stood in the old Catholic days. It is plain, however, that they could not go on doing so in the limited space within the church.
So in the middle of the seventeenth century this custom was departed from, save in the case of a few distinguished persons. It now became general for all to be buried in the churchyard, which was divided off in a way that forms an instructive example of how much the customs of past days still influence the present.
Each trade guild had, as a burial-place, that part of the churchyard allotted to it adjacent to its sittings within the church, where in ancient days the guild altar had stood and before which – its members had been buried.

Source-The Story of Leith

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