The History of Leith

April 16, 2011

Order as to Infectious Disease/Corporal Punishment.-1889

Where fever or other infections disease occurs in a family, no member of the family is allowed to attend school until a certificate is produced from a duly qualified medical practitioner, that the risk of
infection has ceased, or until One Month has elapsed from the day on which the last infected child in the family has been allowed to leave the house. No fees are exacted from any pupil kept from school on
this account for the period of such detention. The teachers are instructed to see this Order strictly enforced.

Regulations for tbe Infliction of Corporal Punishment.

1. Corporal punishment should be inflicted as seldom as possible ; and when recourse is had to it, the tawse shall be the only instrument used, the cane being strictly prohibited.
2. Teachers are enjoined to exercise the utmost caution in inflicting punishment, so as never to strike a child on any part of the head, even with the hand.
3. Should it be necessary to inflict corporal punishment on girls, such punishment shall be administered by Mistresses only, or by the Headmaster.
4. Pupil Teachers are absolutely prohibited from inflicting corporal punishment; and when any case arises in which punishment is required, it will become the Pupil Teacher’s duty to report the same at once to the Headmaster.
Note.—Any infringement of these Regulations will be visited with instant dismissal from the service of the Board.

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