The History of Leith

April 8, 2011

Story of Dixon Hadaway and Teresa Rivans – Safeena Hutchison

The marriage of Dixon Hadaway ‘of Malta’ and Teresa Rivans ‘of Smyrna’ was consummated on 24 March 1812 at the English Chapel, Smyrna by Chaplain, George Cecil Renouard. It was solemnized in the presence of Molir M Emmerson and Andrew Marshall. On 24 November in the same year John Rivans married Angiolina Vernapa, it is not known whether or not they are related but the marriage record is written in Italian. Teresa Rivans was born in Genoa, Italy in 1784 est., her father was believed to be a Spanish mercenary called to duty in Genoa or Smyrna. Family members have informed me that Teresa’s father strongly objected to their relationship which may be due a difference in religious beliefs. Dixon Hadaway was born in Tynemouth, Northumberland, England on 15 August 1779 and was a Protestant. Dixon’s first name is a short form of the surname of his mother Ann Dickson. Dixon Hadaway was a ropemaker. My relative Arnold Bullock informs me that ‘Dixon followed his father, Thomas, into ropemaking as this was a lucrative business in those days. Sailing ships required miles of rope for rigging as well as for anchors and I believe this prompted Thomas to send Dixon abroad, such was the demand for rope. I also believe Thomas had the family connections to achieve this – the various Hadaway families of Leith were related and some were connected with the Royal Navy and shipping at Leith, Scotland’. for more click here

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