The History of Leith

April 6, 2011

The Poor of the parish-1794

18th February 1794. — The Session having met in consequence of Intimation from the
Pulpit on Sunday last and being constituted. Mr Dickson, Moderator, they proceeded to
examine the case of the Poor who at present beg on the Streets and at the Doors of the Inhabitants. Also of those who have small weekly pensions from the Session ; and that the charitably disposed might distinguish the Poor of the parish from those who come from a distance they agreed to give badges to the following persons as in their opinion standing in need of public support : —
Harper’s Land.
Muckle’s Close
Pedden’s Land.
Warden’s Land
Well Close
Muckle’s Close
Muckle’s Close
Leith Mills
Horse Wynd
Well Close
Peat Newk
Tods Hole
Tods Hole
Forsyth’s Land
Sherefi Brae
Lamb’s Court
Leith Mills.
Workman’s Land.
Sherrif Brae.
A list of the weekly pensioners is inserted
in the Books of the Kirk Treasurer (Signed)
Robert Dickson, Moderator.
To whom given
James Smith
John Grant
Isabel Dawson
Janet Maciver
Janet Huir
Jean Sommervail
Jean Cleghorn
Martha Dewar
Hanah Hardie
Janet Maving
Isabel Thomson
Elizabeth Broun
Ann Steill
David Brow
Robert Pratt
Isabel Campbell
Grizel Hutton
Isabel Macleod
Margt. Levie

(Note-The names relate to the above addresses)

source-South Leith Records

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